Warm, but not hot, Epsom Salt Bath.  

As your filling up tub, pour in

1 - 2 cups of Epsom salt

that you can get at any drugstore

or toiletry department.

Add a couple of drops of

essential oils if you like a scent.

Swish around the salts crystals

until they feel mostly dissolved.

Get in carefully.

Make sure you don't have anything

to do afterwards!

I've used Essential Oils for many years

now and can highly recommend the

following.  Of course, always make

sure you do a little sniff to make sure

you're not allergic first.  

You can get these at any Whole Foods or

natural market. You also want extract,

not a simulated smell, or it won't work.


Great for headaches!  

Put a drop on the base of your

neck and the headache usually

goes away within minutes.  This

usually works for sinus & hunger

headaches.  But will definitely

not work on dehydration

headaches...figure out a way to

get fluids in your body! Such as,

Gatorade, flat pop, or

sipping water.

It's also good for temporarily

relieve allergy headaches.

It doesn't last as long for me.


Great for sleeping at night but

don't use too much.  It'll make

you groggy and possibly grumpy. :)

A drop or two on the side of your

pillow will do.

Great for relaxing areas in pain.

You should probably mix a couple of

drops in olive, or almond or other good

oil and then put it on the area giving you

a problem (stomach, arms, calves, etc.).

I put it straight on.  Everyone says I

shouldn't do it that way.  Use your

best judgment.

Sweet Orange

I put about 4 drops in water and

place in a mister that holds

around a cup of water.  

I spray in the house and

it smells wonderful and feels


Try lemon and grapefruit and

any others that sound fun or

smell great.  I have found

the Aromatherapy A-Z by

Connie and Alan Higley, the

best reference.

They have put together a

compilation from every source

they have so I don't follow everything.

I don't know

them or have anything to do

with the publisher, I just use

their book to try new things.

Best wishes and warmth!!!